A 3D Slicer [Fedorov2012] extension for ultrasound image scan conversion of B-mode and next-generation ultrasound imaging modalities. Interfaces are built off the ITKUltrasound library [McCormick2014]. The modules available in this extension are useful for both 2D and 3D image generation for traditional B-mode imaging [McCormick2010], but also next-generation ultrasound image modalities like ultrasound spectroscopy [Aylward2016], acoustic radiation force imaging (ARFI) [Palmeri2016], acoustic radiation force shear wave imaging (ARFI-SWEI), and others.


See Also

  • 3D Slicer: The medical imaging software platform for this project.
  • ITKUltrasound: This module from the ITK library contains the core classes used by this extension.
  • PLUS: The Public Library of UltraSound [Lasso2014] is another library with a Slicer extension useful for diagnostic ultrasound. PLUS focuses on data acquisition, pre-processing, and calibration for navigated image-guided interventions while this extension focuses on image formation, processing, and analysis with ITK.